The Offspring Stuff Is Messed Up
The Offspring
Stuff Is Messed Up


I don’t know much
I don’t know too much
But I know this
Shit is fucked up!


12 album track

out now

Commission for hardworkingliar
Shax, a Marquis of Hell, reads stories to a tired young boy.  He’ll be a great demonologist one day.

Hey guys!

I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting a bunch of stuff here recently - things have been very hectic between packing for college and working and posting things on my other blog before I have no time.

For people who are interested in an update on Panic, he’s still doing great!  The stitches were taken out about two weeks ago, and he’s climbing and running and jumping and being as deranged as a kitten ought to be.  I have another video recorded that I need to edit before I put it up, but it is in the works!  It probably, unfortunately, won’t be posted until after I get up to school, though.

I’m not sure how there are 125 people staring at this barely active blog, but I will do my best to keep it up with updates and pictures of Panic, as well as my own art.





my songs have vague suspicions about what you did in the dark

let’s precariously light these objects up

i am moderately aflame


jesus christ yall need to stop

its a shitty photoshopped picture that was put to a story. When you can go back in the story and point out to me where it fucking says “he aint got a nose” then I’ll start giving a fuck about what you believe 

you wanna draw him without a nose?

have fun cool I’m sure it’ll look awesome

but respect that other people will make the decision to draw him with a nose

people can draw what they like whether or not you like it

because unless it’s a specific commission that’s given to you, you literally have no right to tell them to draw a different way just because you don’t like it 

or if you point out that it might be more realistic to draw him without/with a smaller nose due to his burns just as constructive criticism, then it’s cool that you care to point out nice tips, but know that maybe they’ll still reject the advice for personal preference (not to say that you’ll be completely unappreciated for your comment)

but don’t you fucking dare tell them to draw differently because you think it’s “stupid” 

it is a fucking shitty story on the internet 

lay off


If I die young, bury me in cosplay. Lay me down in a bed of craft foam.

Commission for thestrawberrychip
Lineart of Evan King from her Otherworldly series.  I really like drawing wings.


Who is ready for chilly nights, pumpkin spiced lattes, hoodie & jeans, bonfires, crisp air, cider mills, hayrides, haunted houses, 13 nights of Halloween, apple cider, fall candles, changing leaves, carving pumpkins, and walks in the woods. I know I sure am!


why do people reblog my art and add shit comments

Probably the same reason why they comment on my stuff with “I like it…… but is this…… YAOI?????” and then write me a dissertation about how they’re “not into yaoi but it’s good! :3”

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